It's true ... standing at your back are a legion of ancestors who have paved the way for you to be here on this earth for such a time as this! They look down through the ages ... they see you ... they know you ... they have walked their journey on this earth before [...]

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Martin Luther King understood a fundamental spiritual principle .... that what is inside us is reflected in our lives ... we live out of the thoughts and energies that circle deep within our psyche, our spirit and our bodies. The sustained dislike I feel for another person eventually becomes the physical act of violence ... [...]

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Really, We Have No Control …

It's true that the only control we ever have lies in our response to what happens to us ... This is indeed the source of our true power! Its sounds logical and sounds like it should be easy, but in fact it's so difficult to achieve! We are wired to want to control things ... [...]

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Educating Our Hearts

We have learnt to value our thinking more than our feelings in this very cognitive culture. Somehow, somewhere, feelings became the enemy. And not only showing our feelings, but even feeling them! But what happens is we begin to feel dead inside ... numbing our pain and sadness ... our anger ... and our joy [...]

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Embrace the Resistance …

There is innate in each one of us a force that pushes for change because it is the path of growth, of transformation. And there also, inside each one, is the RESISTANCE to change ... the part of us that wants to stay small, stay hidden, stay invisible ... Because that is in our nature. [...]

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Embrace who you are …

This is a startling spiritual and psychological truth! We spend so much time & energy trying to change ... trying to be different ... trying to improve ourselves or make ourselves better in some way. But the way we are wired means that we're often entrenching a strong resistance to any kind of change! That [...]

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