It’s true … standing at your back are a legion of ancestors who have paved the way for you to be here on this earth for such a time as this! They look down through the ages … they see you … they know you … they have walked their journey on this earth before you, and they are sending you their love. They know what you are going through and they want you to know you’re doing OK … you’re walking your journey just fine! You’re doing everything you came here to do and they are so proud of you!
And you are paving the way for all those who come after you .. blood or not .. your struggles will make it easier for the next generation to shine … to grow in consciousness … to choose life and love. Your pain and anguish have not been in vain …. every drop of blood and sweat you’ve shed opens the portal of life just that little bit more …
Imagine now that you can see and feel all of those who have gone before you into the greater mystery. Imagine that they are extending their hands to you … and their hearts … they are giving you their strength, and it is the strength of ages past … of history’s timeless pages … the strength of mighty angels and warriors of the great One.
You are not alone … you were held long ago in the heart of the almighty Creator and his longing for you will hold you forevermore …♥️