Dinah Eades Buchanan
Dinah Eades BuchananOTG Founder & Retreat Facilitator
Dinah is the founder of Opening To Grace and facilitator for the ‘Opening to Grace’ Gestalt Healing Retreats. She is an experienced Educator, Gestalt Psychotherapist, and Gestalt Spiritual Director with many years experience in Counselling, Child & Family Health, Gestalt Therapy, Spiritual Direction, and Group Training.
Barry Buchanan
Barry BuchananCo-founder & Retreat Facilitator
Barry is co-founder and facilitator for the ‘Opening to Grace’ Gestalt healing Retreats. He has completed studies in Community Services/ Case Management / Theology / Gestalt Therapy, and has a particular passion to combine Gestalt therapy with spiritual practice.

Counsellors & Psychotherapists  recommended by OTG

Naomi Sirio
Naomi SirioCounselor,Gestalt Therapist & Lifeline Trainer - Central Coast
Naomi is a Graduate from the Sydney Gestalt Institute 2010 and has over twelve years of experience in case work in addition to numerous years of experience working with new parents. She currently has her own private therapy practice at the Impact Centre on the Central Coast which includes various training roles for Interrelate and the Blue Knot Foundation.
Lisa Turnbull
Lisa TurnbullNaturopath, Counsellor, Energetic Healer and Group Facilitator - Central Coast
Lisa Turnbull is a Naturopath, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor, Energetic Healer, Group and Retreat Facilitator with over 20 years’ experience working in the field of complementary medicine treating the mind and body.
Leanna McNeil
Leanna McNeilRemedial Massage Therapy, Psychotherapy, Intuitive Bodywork, Counselling, Reiki & Energetic Healing
Leanna is a holistic health practitioner, specialising in transformational body work, massage, holistic counselling and group facilitation. Leanna uses a combination of modalities when working with her clients and her passion lies in her ability to connect people with their bodies.
Doug Sotheren
Doug SotherenBodywork Course Facilitator
Doug is a very experienced counsellor and well sought out trainer and educator. His practice is based in Springfield on the Central Coast, and he is available for individual and couples counselling.