Gestalt Spiritual Direction

What is Gestalt Spiritual Direction

Gestalt Spiritual Direction is essentially about spiritual growth and accompanying you on your spiritual journey.

Often our spiritual journey can become convoluted and confusing as we dismantle old and limited ways of thinking, seek to throw off confining religious conditioning that is no longer life-giving, and absorb new ways of being, spiritually, that don’t yet feel familiar.

Spiritual Direction is about spiritual “companioning” – offering a safe and non-judgmental space to allow you to connect to the Divine in ways that resonate deeply with your own way of being and walking the spiritual path.  This is not about ‘religion’ or having to accept certain ways of thinking about or believing in God, but rather providing a safe space to explore your doubts and seek wholeness in a way that connects you to your deeper self and allows spiritual formation at your own pace and in your own time.

The particular way that I (Dinah) offer spiritual direction is through a Transformational Gestalt framework, which is a synthesis of spiritual “companioning” and the Gestalt approach. This work is based on the premise that the Divine is present and available for healing and wholeness (and is indeed part of any healing process). Acknowledging this allows us to enter a sacred healing space that is profound and inspirational.

If we can ‘step aside’ metaphorically and attend to the emerging process, then healing and change will occur naturally, as deeper parts of self are revealed through embodied experience.  Those involved in this work have experienced profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth, and the framework of Gestalt offers a vital and enriching backdrop to this growth work. Your spiritual journey will be deepened and become clearer and more profound.

Gestalt Spiritual Direction with Dinah is open to all spiritual faiths and beliefs, and all spiritual traditions are welcomed.

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