It could be said that we ‘die’ many times before our actual death …
We are growing and expanding emotionally and spiritually throughout our lives and at each incremental transition we have to say goodbye to an older version of ourselves … a ‘little death’ that is often felt as a loss on some level. And sometimes that letting go and grieving is hard to do … some of that past self we mourn, some of it we let go more easily.
And it could be said that throughout our lives grief and death walk alongside us as constant companions, and yet we very rarely turn toward them in acknowledgment. We are so frightened deep in our being of confronting our complete inability to control anything, that we are terrified. We are a dot on a spinning globe in a bottomless, unbounded universe … and so any kind of control in our lives we cling to.
What if we befriended our grief. Honour it as the constant companion that it is … our guide to the netherworld of deep feeling and intimacy. Ultimately a gateway to a well of deep joy, as we feel the freedom of the truth of our intransigent existence.
What if we were able to welcome all the ‘little deaths’ in preparation for our final letting go into the greatest mystery ever. Trusting that whatever is before us, and wherever our loved ones have already gone, is calling us Home … ♥️
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