Really we were born to ‘judge’. Humans like certainty and structure and order, and to have that we must weigh up everyone and everything that comes across our path. And decide where they fit in to our tapestry of the world as we know it. This is not necessarily wrong … it’s just the way we work as humans. It makes for a fairly orderly existence.
But of course, like most human characteristics and behaviours, this ability to discern and ‘box’ things up turns into a prison of sorts. We find we’re deciding what’s right & what’s wrong … & then limiting our experience & our growth based on our judgements.
There is an invitation to look beyond those judgements, to loosen our grip on what we think is good or bad, to welcome the unique and different, even when it threatens reality as we know it.
We will expand & grow our capacity to hold difference, we will enlarge our borders … move the tent pegs of our mind to encompass so much of what is still a tiny seed in the vaults of our human minds.
There are worlds to dream about that will only come into existence if we are brave enough to let go of the certainty of the world we think we know. And it starts with letting go of what we decide is ‘right’ & what we decide is ‘wrong’. In Shakespeare’s words, “Nothing is either right or wrong but thinking makes it so!” (Hamlet). ❤
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