We have learnt to value our thinking more than our feelings in this very cognitive culture. Somehow, somewhere, feelings became the enemy. And not only showing our feelings, but even feeling them! But what happens is we begin to feel dead inside … numbing our pain and sadness … our anger … and our joy too. We cannot hear the whisper of the Spirit in our deepest being … we cannot hear her call to our heart. We are adrift … disconnected from our soul … and disconnected from each other … from our earth!
We have to learn how to feel again … how to let our hearts filter our thoughts and our thinking mind filter our heart … working together to allow us to BE in this world … deeply grounded in our being … to have a felt sense of everything around us … not just a cognitive understanding.
We have to deliberately UNLEARN the rules we were given as children to not feel or show our feelings. We have to seek out people who aren’t afraid of feelings … who welcome the wild, raw cacophony of tumbling emotions so that we can begin to regulate and balance ourselves emotionally. So that we can dip deep into the well for our sorrow and our joy.
Only then will we be free! ♥️