It’s true that the only control we ever have lies in our response to what happens to us … This is indeed the source of our true power!

Its sounds logical and sounds like it should be easy, but in fact it’s so difficult to achieve! We are wired to want to control things … we have a need hard-wired into us to create some kind of order in our lives, which means having a sense of control over everything, and often everyone, around us.

To sit with uncertainty and ‘unknowing’ causes much existential anxiety in us, and mostly the only way to soothe that is to create a sense of control in our lives. A lot of popular psychology and self-help programs are geared towards gaining MORE control over our lives … this is not necessarily a bad thing … but there always comes some event or circumstance that pulls that rug out completely from under our feet … something that takes us down before we even realise it … something that remains unresolvable and unfathomable. Then we must turn inward  … to embrace a more mystical, spiritual path that brings us face to face with our longings and fears.

We have to grapple with our emotions and the way we think about things … we have to come to terms with NOT getting what we want, even letting go of the belief that God will give us what we want. It’s almost impossible soulwork to do … we must take charge of our emotions and our thoughts … of our whole word view. We must face the dragon of fire and emerge with head bowed and admit that we are in fact at the mercy of a random universe … it’s not personal, it’s just an intricate web of chaos and order. We can only control how we respond to this flow of life in its all its glory! This is actually a huge relief! To let go of control … just learn how to flow and rest in the knowing that we are always HELD, no matter what happens to us!

This is true freedom … this is true POWER!

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