This is a startling spiritual and psychological truth! We spend so much time & energy trying to change … trying to be different … trying to improve ourselves or make ourselves better in some way. But the way we are wired means that we’re often entrenching a strong resistance to any kind of change! That part of us that we are trying to get rid of or dismiss in some way will not be banished in shame … it needs the exact opposite … it needs acknowledgement and embrace … it needs a voice.
The paradox is, that once we have truly accepted ourselves as we are, with true compassion and authentic care, only then will change come organically & naturally. We will automatically be drawn to those people, things and decisions which mark change in us. It will be change that is initiated from deep within, not just from our conscious mind.
Stop trying to change and start embracing who you are right now … warts and all …. I promise you it is the road to wholeness! ♥️