Compassion and Gestalt Therapy

There is much written about growth and change that speaks to our desire to be different to how we are – to be better than we are, to be more than we are; because deep down we feel ‘damaged’, unworthy, left wanting somehow. But this is what I’ve learnt over many years of personal and spiritual development: deep healing only comes with a deep acceptance of who I am right now. A deep compassion for my ‘weaknesses’, my unhealed ‘damage’, my darkness.

This notion is inherent in Gestalt Therapy – we call it the Paradoxical Theory of Change.  This ‘theory’ suggests that as we connect with, and embrace who we are in this present moment, then there is movement, growth and healing. This seems like such a counter-intuitive idea – surely we have to ‘get rid of’ these darker, weaker elements of ourselves to become our ideal selves? But in this dismissal of who we are, in this rejection of our intrinsic self in this moment, is all the darkness that damaged and diminished us in the first place. It is as if we have internalised that rejection and harm and turned it back on ourselves. It is only with a profound love and compassion for ALL of us that we can find the freedom to be whole; not ‘perfect’, but whole. And with this wholeness we awaken – to every part of ourselves that we have closed off to, and every part of the world that we have shut ourselves down to, including our relationships.

In my work as a Gestalt Therapist and Spiritual Director I have found this work with self compassion and love to be the most profound and important aspect of my work with clients. And this place of love and compassion is deeply spiritual as well as psychological – it brings integration and wholeness, meaning and purpose, to people’s lives.

Gestalt Therapy & Spiritual Direction Sessions

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