Reclaiming Lost Parts of Self …
We are all born with an innate desire to form an attachment to our primary caregivers … it’s a survival thing! As children, we learn that the more we bend ourselves to fit in and do what others expect of us, the more likely it is that we will get our needs met, be loved, and be cared for. And in doing so we learn which parts of us are ‘acceptable’ and which parts of us are not, and those that are not received and supported are eventually hidden, locked away in our psyche, never again to see the light of day. This kind of works … until it doesn’t. At some point those parts of self that we have denied start to give voice … they start to sabotage our nice, neat version of our self, they start to clamour to be free.
There comes a time in when we must turn to face those parts of self that we have deemed unworthy … a time when they need to be released and give voice to the pain and confusion with which they were banished … a time to reconcile them and invite them into the light of consciousness … not to rule, but to be accompanied on the road to wholeness.
What we embrace in ourselves we are then able to embrace in others … with compassion and love. It starts with us, and the courage to face our own demons, our own hurts, our own disowned longings … it’s time … ♥️
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