I’ve always loved this idea that all of nature somehow has an innate sense of the approach of light, the dawn … even in the dark! When we’re not feeling good, when we’re feeling flat or depressed, sick with grief or lost in any kind of loneliness or despair, it can feel like the darkness might last forever!
But it doesn’t, and to hang on to that thread of consciousness that senses the dawn can be the difference that allows us to walk back into the light.
I have always been a most sensitive soul … feeling the energies around me deeply. I eventually learned that this was a great gift and is the reason I do the work that I do now with clients. But it also means that those of us that feel deeply often have a darkness that walks alongside us always. I used to fear this darkness until I learned to embrace it and welcome it as a very valuable part of me. It calls me to go within, to draw deep down inside, to bring love to the tender, hurt, fragile places inside me.
When I remember to do this, and not fight to be free … then it is like sensing the dawn … my heart begins to sing sensing the light as it is ushered in!
Next time you feel yourself in the darkness, instead of fighting it, surrender softly and gently to it’s call and go within … even just for a few moments and touch that place with love … see what difference this makes!
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