So many of us have learnt that to be vulnerable is a ‘weakness’ … but that is a lie … it is a strength. It is a great spiritual truth that in my weakness lies my strength. Everything that seems powerful is temporary … everything on this earth that has held power has eventually crumbled into the dust. But vulnerability sows the seeds of response in others, tightens the cords of community and connection, enables love to flow. If we can break through the barriers in our own mind that scream ‘danger’ when we get too close to real intimacy, to real vulnerability and love …. if we can open our hearts to receive the love that is seeking us …. then we will know a joy that we have always longed for but never known.

We’re all on this journey of getting closer to our vulnerability … I think it’s worth the journey, and the journey is best done with good companions! ♥️

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