There is a WILD one in you …. a raw, untamed part of you that wants to take you deep into the depths of your own being with a fierce roar! A beautiful wild force that wants to take you on wild rides into the undergrowth …. to leap in bounds accross the scorched earth and take the citadels of your heart by storm.
You may have been able to contain this wild part of you in the past … you may have been able to lock her up in chains … but she is clamouring to be free!
She will no longer be held at bay … she holds your PASSION and purpose …. she is your STRENGTH!
Let this wild one go free … she will not harm you, she will not lead you astray … if you seek to temper her always with love.
For she is willing to bow before the One in you who is the journeymaker … the One who holds all … the One who is eternal.
Once you feel your wild one breathe deep in your bones … once you feel her roar … you will never again reach for her chains …. ♥️