Applications for the online  Professional Training in Gestalt Therapy course is open to practising clinicians who have an interest in integrating Gestalt principles and techniques into their existing practice. Some experience of personal development is recommended to navigate the material. Applications for the individually tailored online course can be submitted via this website and Dinah will be in touch to discuss how to proceed. Delivery of the course is via skype with PDF teaching units, and include Readings, Handouts & experiential tasks with each unit. There may also be opportunity throughout the program to meet for face-to-face / skype  process groups with other course participants (depending on participant numbers).

Qualities developed during the course:

  • a capacity for developing deep self-awareness, self-reflection & insight
  • a capacity to relate to others in a facilitative, dialogical way, from a stance of respect and mutual interest
  • a capacity to reflect on and examine the impact of your actions on others
  • a capacity to be aware of and articulate the impact of others on you
  • a capacity for curiosity and inquiry – particularly into self processes
  • a capacity to take responsibility for physical and emotional well-being
  • a capacity to learn and grow from life experiences
  • a capacity to receive feedback on strengths and growing edges

Who May Apply

* Applications for the online Professional Training in Gestalt Therapy are invited from practicing clinicians: Counsellors & Psychotherapists, and those in the teaching & health industries, who have a client case load, such as social workers, psychologists, teachers, nurses, child care educators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, coaches, etc.

TGI practices a non-discriminatory selection of participants on the grounds of race, gender, class, sexual preferences, religion, or any disability or belief that does not directly interfere with the competent fulfillment of participation and practice.

Participants Who Live Away

At TGI we have developed our programs so that participants can access our training online.  The teaching and mentoring components are conducted individually (and sometimes in groups) via skype, and Library resources are available by post, upon request. The TGI primary course facilitator will  also retain regular e-mail and phone contact with participants , to meet their individual training needs.